Graduate Subjects in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

There is no formal Entrepreneurship & Innovation Minor for graduate students, but the following subjects may be of interest.

Course 2: Mechanical Engineering

2.75[J] Medical Device Design
2.753 Development of Mechanical Products
2.810 Manufacturing Processes and Systems
2.888 Professional Seminar in Global Manufacturing Innovation and Entrepreneurship
2.98 Sports Technology: Engineering & Innovation

Course 3: Materials Science and Engineering

3.207 Innovation and Commercialization

Course 4: Architecture

4.140[J] How to Make (Almost) Anything
Innovation for Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief

Course 6: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

6.831 User Interface Design and Implementation
6.903 Patents, Copyrights, and the Law of Intellectual Property
6.933 Entrepreneurship in Engineering: The Founder’s Journey

Course 10: Chemical Engineering

10.407[J] Funding Strategies for Startups
10.807[J] Innovation Teams

Course 11: Urban Studies and Planning

11.252[J] Design and Development of Games for Learning
11.345[J] Entrepreneurship in Construction and Real Estate Development

Course 15: Management

Healthcare Management

15.128[J] Revolutionary Ventures: How to Invent and Deploy Transformative Technologies
15.132[J] Medicine for Managers and Entrepreneurs Proseminar

Global Economics & Management

15.232 Effective Business Models in Frontier Markets
15.248 Israel Lab: Startup Nation’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Ecosystem

Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship

15.356 Product and Service Development in the Internet Age
15.357 Economics of Ideas, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
15.358 Software and Internet Entrepreneurship
15.364 Regional Entrepreneurship Acceleration Lab (REAL)
15.366 Energy Ventures
15.372 Experimental Innovation Lab
15.375[J] Development Ventures
15.376[J] Media Ventures
15.378 Building an Entrepreneurial Venture: Advanced Tools and Techniques
15.385 Sustainability-Oriented Innovation and Entrepreneurship
15.387 Entrepreneurial Sales
15.389 Global Entrepreneurship Lab
15.390 New Enterprises
15.392 Scaling Entrepreneurial Ventures
15.395 Entrepreneurship Without Borders
15.399 Entrepreneurship Lab


15.618 Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Legal Tools and Frameworks

Operations Management

15.779 Technology, Design and Entrepreneurship: Operating in Emerging Communities


15.783[J] Product Design and Development
15.835 Entrepreneurial Marketing

Strategic Management

15.910 Innovation Strategy
15.911 Entrepreneurial Strategy
15.912 Strategic Management of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

CMS: Comparative Media Studies

CMS.922 Media Industries and Systems: The Art, Science and Business of Games

EC: Edgerton Center

EC.781[J] D-Lab: Development

HST: Health Sciences and Technology

HST.972[J] Medicine for Managers and Entrepreneurs Proseminar
HST.973[J] Evaluating a Biomedical Business Concept
HST.978[J] Healthcare Ventures

MAS: Media Arts and Sciences

MAS.533 Imaging Ventures: Cameras, Displays, and Visual Computing
MAS.535[J] Engineering Health: Designing and Deploying Affordable Health Diagnostics and Therapeutics