Event Video: Accelerating Innovation: University, U.S. Military, and Private Sector Partnerships

The way the military has approached partnering for technological innovation has changed significantly over the last 5+ years. In order to tap into rapid advances made in consequential areas such as Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, the DoD and military services have turned to commercial/startup inspired models.  These changes comprise a new innovation landscape that includes many partnerships among academics, the US military, and the private sector. Many of the new organizations emerging in this new landscape are connected to MIT.

Watch the panel discussion explore:

  • How have these partnerships worked in general?
  • How much have they changed the way defense innovation operates in practice?
  • What has been…and what should be MIT’s role?


L. Rafael Reif
President, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Gene Keselman
Executive Director, MIT Innovation Initiative
IMA to the Director, USAF-MIT AI Accelerator

Eric Schmidt
Co-Founder, Schmidt Futures
Former CEO & Chairman of Google
Former Chairman of the Department of Defense’s Innovation Board

Daniela Rus
Andrew and Erna Viterbi Professor of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Director of the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL)
Deputy Dean of Research for Schwarzman College of Computing at MIT
MIT Director, USAF-MIT AI Accelerator 
Jonathan Woodson
Director, Institute for Health System Innovation & Policy, Boston University
Army Reserve Medical Command Commanding General
Bernadette Johnson
Chief Technology Ventures Officer, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Col Tucker “Cinco” Hamilton
USAF Director, USAF-MIT AI Accelerator 




Event Hosts:  MIT ROTC        MIT Security Studies Program        MIT Innovation Initiative

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