Hosted by: Undergraduate Association Committees on Innovation and Technology & MIT Innovation Initiative

Join BetterMIT Innovation Week for the Innovation in the World Speaker Series, featuring Douglas Terrier (Chief Technology Officer, NASA), Linda Foster (Head of Innovation, Lockheed Martin, Rebecca Hui (Founder, Roots Studio), and Reinaldo Normand (Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship).

In a Ted-talk style format, they will discuss their experiences and advice regarding innovation and bringing positive change to the world.

As an event by students and for students, the aim of BetterMIT Innovation Week is to empower you as you tackle community issues you’re passionate about by bringing in inspirational speakers to host discussions and workshops.


Innovation in the World Speaker Series

Friday, February 16, 2018
5:00–6:30 pm
MIT Room 10-250

Food will be provided


  • Linda Foster, Head of Innovation, Lockheed Martin
  • Reinaldo Normand, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship
  • Rebecca Hui, Founder, Roots Studio
  • Douglas Terrier, Chief Technology Officer, NASA

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