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Hosted by: EECS, GEL & Graduate Women at MIT

Instructor: David Nino, Senior Lecturer, GEL-MIT Engineering Leadership Program

  • Enrollment: Limited to 60 participants. Advance sign-up required.
  • Attendance: Participants welcome at individual sessions
  • Prereq: Graduate Status

Interested in developing skills that can amplify your professional impact? Join a workshop series designed for MIT graduate students interested in “making a positive difference” in their chosen fields. Grounded in leadership research but experiential and engaging in delivery, these workshops will build practical skills that apply to engineering an technology environments.

This series is offered through the Gordon-MIT Engineering Leadership Program in collaboration with the Graduate Student Council.

Students are welcome to attend some or all of these workshops. Those who attend the entire series will receive a certificate of completion from the Gordon-MIT Engineering Program.


  • Leading New Teams
    Thursday, January 18 @ 12:30–4:30 pm | Room 4-149

    • Turning a smart group of people into a committed, focused and effective team is not easy feat and “real teams”  rarely evolve naturally. Acquire a proven framework for designing and leading new teams in engineering and technology environments.
  • Motivating and Developing Others
    Tuesday, January 23 @12:30–4:30 pm | Room 3-442

    • The heart of leadership is the ability to inspire people without relying on authority. Only one in ten practicing managers are skilled in motivating others. Learn how to engage and develop people to deliver their best work.
  • Mastering Constructive Conflict
    Thursday, January 25 @ 12:30–4:30 pm | Room 4-149

    • In a safe group environment, conflict can engender innovation, trust and learning. This workshop will focus on encouraging constructive conflict.
  • Discover/Develop Leadership Strengths
    Tuesday, January 30 @ 12:30–4:30 pm | Room 4-149

    • These workshops assume that anyone can learn to lead. This final session focuses on mapping a pathway to leadership for the good others and oneself.

Contact: Lisa Stagnone