Sponsored by: Sloan School of Management

This class provides an overview of 3D printing technology then does a deep dive into Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. Participants will learn about the full process of solving a problem in their lives then taking that idea into CAD software, then 3D printed part.

Each student will design over three parts, in increasing complexity, using CAD software and 3D print at least one of them. Students will be encouraged to take their 3D printed part to potential customers, getting design feedback and hopefully, customers.

Additionally, Stratasys is sponsoring materials for the course. Students will be able to print their parts at no cost.


January 25–30, 2019

Workshop schedule:

Session 1: 3D Printing Your First Part

Friday, January 25
2:00–5:00 pm

Students of all computer aided design levels will be introduced to OnShape, a computer aided design software, to design their first part to be 3D printed that evening. The 3D printer used will be the Fortus 380mc. 

Session 2: Practicing CAD Skills

Monday, January 28
2:00–5:00 pm

Students will be led through a number of CAD design activities and be introduced to their next 3D printing project based on a real world problem. Students’ second 3D print will be started and completed by Wednesday, Jan. 30. 

Session 3: Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Wednesday, January 30
2:00–5:00 pm

In the final class, students will be working through more CAD design activities, improving their designs, and exploring avenues to bring their parts to market.

Requirements: Bring your laptop to all sessions; external mouse recommended.

Contact: Erin Martin, 617 253-8653,

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