Management guru Peter Drucker once wrote, “Because the purpose of business is to create a customer, the business enterprise has two–and only two–basic functions: marketing and innovation.” Most startups excel at innovation, but are challenged with marketing. Come to this boot camp to learn how you can use the latest marketing programs to better understand and connect with your customer, leading to more sales and revenue.


MIT VMS mentor Louis Gudema will explain:

  • What is marketing and why it is so central to business success?
  • Dozens of marketing tactics that you can use to generate leads and sales
  • The two major categories of marketing programs and which is most important for a startup
  • How marketing can work with sales to identify opportunities and increase their effectiveness

In the boot camp, you’ll also get dozens of tips and best practices and see many examples of successful marketing.


About the presenter:
Louis Gudema has over 30 years of marketing experience and over 20 years of award-winning digital marketing experience. He has worked with companies from startups to the Fortune 10 in many industries. For a dozen years, he owned and ran his own marketing agency serving IBM, The Boston Globe, venture-backed startups like Endeca (now part of Oracle) and Speechworks (now part of Nuance), and many educational institutions. After a successful exit and spending several years heading up business development for two other mid-sized marketing agencies, for the last five years Louis has been consulting directly with clients. His book, Bullseye Marketing, was released in July 2018 and is available on Amazon. He is also the host of the Software Channel Partner Podcast.