Hosted by: MIT Venture Mentoring Service

Marketing is central to the success of most companies, although many people think it only involves advertising and promotion. At its core, marketing is about how to better understand your customer and create the products and services that they’ll pay for.

This three-hour marketing boot camp will be split into two sections. First, Susan Wagner will give an overview of how companies can use proven marketing and research techniques to better understand their customers, competitive landscape and category. Then, Louis Gudema will give an overview on some of the demand generation programs that startups can take advantage of, including but definitely not limited to, digital channels.

Attendees will come away with insights into the true nature of marketing and how it can help them succeed, as well as many specific strategies and tactics that they can apply in their companies.


Tuesday, March 28, 2017
4:00–7:00 pm

MIT Building 4
182 Memorial Drive (Room 4-163)
Cambridge, MA 02138

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