CLE credit approved for the following states:

  • California (1.0, Race and Elimination of Bias)
  • Iowa (1.0 Diversity)
  • Missouri(1.0, Race and Elimination of Bias),
Join us virtually on Tuesday, December 7 for a presentation on best practices for diversity in innovation, followed by a discussion led by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Midwest Regional Director Damian Porcari.


In 2020, the USPTO collaborated with Santa Clara Law’s High Tech Law Institute (HTLI) to propose a study designed to increase diversity in the patenting process. The study specifically targeted in-house international property (IP) legal departments and their practices. The goal of the study was simple: to harvest the collective knowledge of nationwide IP professionals and to produce a practical guide to fostering a more diverse population of inventors. Join the USPTO and HTLI at this free event to learn more about the Diversity in Innovation Best Practices Guide and the goal of increasing the diversity of inventors within the innovation ecosystem.

The guide is presented in three categories of easy-to-read tables:

Do it now: Practices that are likely to be budget-neutral, easily implemented, and within the authority of an in-house attorney or IP manager.

Do it this year: Practices that may require 3–9 months of planning, e.g., because they require coordination with other groups or departments, and/or the creation of content, tools, or systems.

Do it next year: Practices that will likely take 6–12 months of planning to implement, e.g., because they need to be coordinated with different departments, require moderate or significant budgetary planning, and/or require buy-in from high level management.

Register today to gain insights from the guide’s authors from HTLI: Laura Norris, Mary Fuller, Joy Peacock, and Sydney Yazzolino. An open discussion moderated by Midwest Regional Director Damian Porcari will follow the presentation.




Materials Diversity in Innovation Best Practices Guide

The USPTO’s Midwest Regional Office is offering this event for nationwide participation starting at noon ET. For more information, email or call 313-446-4800.

Contact information for our other four offices, as well as local start times for this event, are as follows:

Eastern Regional Outreach Office: email or call 571-272-2243. Event time: Noon ET.

Texas Regional Office: email or call 469-295-9000. Event time: 11 a.m. CT.

Rocky Mountain Regional Office: email or call 303-297-4600. Event time: 10 a.m. MT.

Silicon Valley Regional Office: email or call 408-918-9900. Event time: 9 a.m. PT.