Where to Start: Applying to the Dual-Use Ventures Incubator

What to know before applying to MITii's Mission Innovation ProgramDual-use Ventures Incubator

You may not yet understand all the jargon on the Dual-use Ventures Application—the steps below will help.


  1. Create a DUNS #: https:/www.dnb.com
    1. Needed items: Business address, phone #, Owner info
    2. Active Time: Approximately 1 hour
    3. Process Time: 5 to 30 days to process

  2. Create a SAM login (same as login.gov): https:/www.sam.gov
    1. Register for a Commercial & Government Entity Code (CAGE#)  
    2. Active Time: 2-5 hours
    3. Process Time: 10 to 14 days to process

  3. Create SBC Control ID on SBIR site: https:/www.sbir.gov
    1. Register on the SBIR/STTR America’s Seed Fund powered by the SBA
    2. Time: Under 1 hour

  4. Register on DSIP (Defense SBIR/STTR Innovation Portal): https://www.dodsbirsttr.mil/submissions
    1. Training Certification – Completion Certificate   Under 10 minutes  
    2. Total Time: 30 minutes


Need more Resources? Check out these resources on https://www.fedscout.com/resources and https://www.sbir.gov/resources.
[Hint: The SBIR.gov Tutorials are very good.]