10.807/15.371 (Innovation Teams) was designed for you to experience how to actually innovate, so that the next time you put yourself out there as an innovator or an entrepreneur, it feels like a déjà vu. You’ll work with an actual MIT technology to learn how to meaningfully engage across disciplines and cope with the uncertainties that define the innovation journey. You’ll live through a true MIT experience in real innovation.

Over the past 8 years, i-Teams has…

  • Engaged over 1,000 students and others in the MIT community
  • Worked with 150+ technologies from 120+ MIT Labs
  • Paved the path to impact for dozens of tech companies


i-Teams will meet this fall on Wednesdays from 11–2 pm & Fridays from 9–11:30 am in 32-144.

For more information and to apply, visit the i-Teams website.