The Startup Cartography Project

Measuring entrepreneurial quality and mapping innovation ecosystems

The Startup Cartography Project leverages population-level business registration records and predictive analytics to form novel measures of entrepreneurial quantity, quality, and performance at an arbitrary level of geographic and temporal granularity. The purpose of the project is to provide a public access interactive website, data repository, and research archive that makes this work accessible to researchers, public and private sector analysts, and the public. The website tools are designed to facilitate detailed visualization of entrepreneurial ecosystems (at multiple levels of visualization), track entrepreneurial dynamics over time, and provide data that might be applicable to a wide range of research and policy purposes.

This project is motivated by a simple observation: while entrepreneurship is widely seen as a foundation for economic growth and social progress, only a very small fraction of all startups realize the extraordinary level of growth (in terms of jobs, revenue or valuation) that can propel economy-wide dynamism. As such, a central question for research, policy and practice is understanding the initial rate of startup formation, the underlying growth potential for startups that are founded within a given population, and the ultimate performance of startup cohorts across regions and over time.

With generous support from the Kauffman Foundation, the Startup Cartography Project addresses this challenge by using a combination of publicly available business registration records, predictive analytics, and new visualization and analysis tools.

To learn more, visit the Startup Cartography Project website.