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Emerging Worlds is a unique, bottom-up co-innovation platform designed to empower the next generation of problem solvers to address grand challenges in emerging economies. We collaborate with key stakeholders in industry, academia, and government to foster innovation across multiple sectors, including food and agriculture, financial inclusion, health and wellness, housing, transportation, and education. We leverage digital technologies, such as AI and machine learning, Internet of Things, and mobile devices, to leapfrog and facilitate scaling. The Emerging Worlds program is solving billion dollar problems to impact billions of lives.

The program works to identify community specific challenges with far-reaching potential, and provide mentoring, training and technical support from corporate collaborators, the MIT Media Lab, and other leading institutions to enable innovators to create novel technical solutions for rapidly emerging and pop-up cities. MIT students with projects pertaining to Emerging Worlds can attend meetings and workshops. They are also welcome to travel with the team on a case-by-case basis.