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The Innovation Diplomats (iDiplomats) program is an opportunity for MIT students participating in a variety of MIT-led global internships and other globally-oriented projects to add a new dimension to their experience. Focused on understanding innovation and skill to build a network into the innovation ‘ecosystem’ in the region they are visiting, the program equips students with additional innovation-focused skills for their summer internships, and for their lifelong careers as leaders in the innovation economy.

The iDiplomats program provides students the tools they need to more deeply understand the innovation ecosystem where they are working abroad. It also builds the professional skills to develop networks to a range of stakeholders in the region (particularly MIT alumni). Students will be better prepared to explore how stakeholders in other innovation economies come together to create the conditions for innovation-driven prosperity across international cultures and policies.

Building on existing global programs, such as MISTI, iDiplomats equips student participants with additional frameworks, knowledge, and tools they can use in preparation for their global activities, while on the ground around the world, and later in their careers as innovators in a range of locations. Rather than create an entirely new global experience focused on innovation, iDiplomats expands the scope for experiential learning provided by existing programs.