The Translational Fellows Program (TFP) is a competitive, two-part Postdoc program that provides the opportunity for professional development and commercialization of a technology that originated in MIT research. The program also offers mentoring resources and integrated conflict-of-interest management.

Program Structure

Part 1: Essentials
Essentials is a two-month short program providing introduction to the research-derived innovation process. It is a group learning experience based on the National Science Foundation (NSF) I-Corps curriculum delivered by certified instructors in partnership with the MIT Venture Mentoring Service (VMS). Essentials is comprised of three evening lecture/workshop sessions augmented by reading, videos, VMS mentor-guided practice sessions, and instructor office hours. This part of the program is open to all Postdocs via self-nomination. No day-a-week time commitment or financial sponsorship is required.

Part 2: Product-Market Fit
Completion of Essentials will provide participants with significant knowledge of the value creation process and possibilities for commercializing their research. It is also the prerequisite for the follow-on program, Product-Market Fit, an eight-month commitment with a day-a-week funding, providing a deep dive into customer discovery and technology application development. Space is limited and selection will be competitive. There will be a formal selection process requiring PI permission and selection by committee. The materials developed during Essentials should form the bulk of the applicant’s submission.


Beth Kahn, Program Director: