Venture Match

Matching students to opportunities at the hottest MIT-connected ventures

The Venture Match Program makes use of the InnovationONE platform to connect students with MIT-connected ventures. Students gain experience and income, while ventures benefit by adding a brilliant young MIT mind to their project team!


For Fall 2020, there is no cost to MIT-connected ventures to hire a student, and students can receive up to $1,900 for their internship.


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Q: Are there any internship parameters?
A: All internship opportunities must be hands-on/applied, have rigorous content, dedicated supervision, meaningful intensity, and involve reflection/evaluation.

Q: Does my startup qualify?
A: Your venture must be an MIT-connected venture in order to qualify. We define MIT-connected as those ventures that have an MIT faculty, staff, or alumni founder.

Q: My venture is MIT-connected, but is headquartered, or looking for student interns to work outside of the U.S.. How do I participate?
A: International internships are managed through MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives (MISTI). Learn more and contact a MISTI program manager to learn how you can host an MIT student here.

Q: How many opportunities can I post?
A: You can submit multiple opportunities to the platform.

Q: How do I know when people have applied?
A: Once the platform is launched in early September, you’ll receive a link to a dashboard view, where you can see a list of applicants to each position. You’ll receive an automatic notification each time a student applies.

Q: How many students can I hire?
A: Each venture can hire up to three student interns.

Q: Who pays the student?
A: MIT will cover the cost of the internship, up to $1900 total. Students will be paid directly by MIT.

Q: Can I pay the student more than what they are getting from MIT?
A: Yes, although MIT is unable to facilitate these payments; students must be paid directly by the venture.

Q: How many total hours does the internship need to be? How many hours per week?
A: The internship must be between 80 and 140 hours total, 5-10 hours per week.

Q: Is this opportunity open to graduate students?
A: At this time, this opportunity is only available to undergraduates.

Q: In order for the student to qualify for the stipend, does the internship match need to be made through this platform?
A: Yes.

Q: For students and ventures participating in the Venture Match program, who owns any generated IP?
A: Students looking for IP guidance should refer to OVC’s chart on Guiding Principles Regarding Student Intellectual Property Rights ( Issues of IP ownership are always fact-specific and this chart is not intended to address all scenarios. Note, for activities like UROPs Off campus and Non-MIT Hackathons, IP is usually owned by the third party, not the student (but could be negotiated). Generally, students with questions about a specific IP ownership issue should contact However, TLO does not review any IP agreements/terms between students and companies concerning externships/internships. Students seeking legal resources on specific agreements/terms may utilize the BU/MIT Law Clinic ( Students and ventures are both strongly encouraged to clarify any IP issues in advance of beginning an internship. MIT does not provide legal services to ventures, and ventures are encouraged to contact their legal counsel on matters of IP and employment.

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