The MIT Innovation Initiative (MITii) works with all five MIT schools to strengthen the educational pathways and networks for students, alumni, and partners to move ideas from conception to impact. In MIT’s tradition of mens et manus, we do so by combining hands-on, global opportunities for building expertise in the innovation process with insights developed from the evidence-based science of innovation.

MITii is committed to strengthening MIT’s innovation and entrepreneurship landscape by:

  • Serving as a connector across the wide range of student groups, programs, and campus centers dedicated to innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Supporting MIT’s most successful innovation and entrepreneurship programs to reach more students and external partners.
  • Raising the profile of MIT’s entire landscape through convening events, publications, and programmatic efforts that include representation from across all five schools.
  • Filling gaps in the landscape through the creation of new educational programs, research efforts, and physical infrastructure that will position MIT to thrive for years to come.

MITii administers the interdisciplinary Entrepreneurship & Innovation Minor. The minor is designed to prepare MIT undergraduates to serve as leaders in the innovation economy with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to develop, scale, and deliver breakthrough solutions to real-world problems.

The Innovation Initiative also leads several efforts to strengthen MIT’s ability to provide students with hands-on opportunities to learn about making, prototyping and manufacturing. These activities are delivered through Project Manus, the MIT Hong Kong Innovation Node, and new campus innovation hubs for co-working and collaboration.

Through the MIT Innovation Initiative Laboratory for Innovation Science and Policy, the initiative is systematically investigating the factors that shape innovation outcomes—including policies, incentives, institutions and infrastructure—at every level from individual and organizational to region, national and global.

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Final Report of Community Feedback and Recommendations
January 2016

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Developed through consultation with the MIT community, alumni, and partners, the final report documents the imperatives for the MIT Innovation Initiative today, as well as its aspirations.