Additional Courses of Interest

For students interested in studying entrepreneurship and innovation beyond the minor requirements

Students who are interested in studying entrepreneurship and innovation beyond the minor requirements may wish to look into the following courses. These classes cannot be counted toward the minor (many fewer than 9 units or pass/D/fail), but they are still recommended courses for students who are looking for coursework outside of and beyond the minor program.

Course 1: Civil and Environmental Engineering

1.011 Project Evaluation and Management

Course 2: Mechanical Engineering

2.00 Introduction to Design 
Design and Manufacturing II (coreq)
2.013 Engineering Systems Design
2.014 Engineering Systems Development
2.750[J] Medical Device Design
2.70 FUNdaMENTALS of Precision Product Design
2.723[J] Engineering Innovation and Design (6)
2.78[J] Principles and Practice of Assistive Technology
2.900 Ethics for Engineers (6)

Course 3: Materials Science and Engineering

3.004 Principles of Engineering Practice
3.080 Economic and Environmental Materials Selection

Course 4: Architecture

4.031 Design Studio: Objects and Interaction
4.032 Design Studio: Information and Visualization
4.141 How to Design (almost) Anything
4.110[J] Design Across Scales and Disciplines
4.500 Introduction to Design Computing

Course 6: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

6.207[J] Networks
6.813 User Interface Design and Implementation
6.902J Engineering Innovation and Design (6)
6.906 StartMIT: Workshop for Entrepreneurs and Innovators (6) (PDF)
6.907[J] Entrepreneurship in Engineering

Course 11: Urban Studies and Planning

11.144 Project Appraisal in Developing Countries
11.147 Innovative Budgeting and Finance for the Public Sector

11.066 China’s Urbanization, Digital Technology, and Innovation Market

Course 15: Management

Managerial Economics

15.026[J] Global Climate Change: Economics, Science, and Policy
Metrics for Managers: Big Data and Better Answers

Global Economics & Management

15.276 Communicating with Data

15.237 China’s Urbanization, Digital Technology, and Innovation Market

Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

15.351 Introduction to Making


15.4311 Entrepreneurial Finance and Venture Capital


15.6181 Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Legal Tools and Frameworks (6) (PDF)

Operations Management

15.7611 Introduction to Operations Management
15.779 Technology, Design and Entrepreneurship: Operating in Emerging Communities


15.812 Marketing Management

Strategic Management

15.9001 Competitive Strategy

Special Subjects

15.S21 The Nuts and Bolts of New Ventures/Business Plans
15.S51 Patent Law Fundamentals (PDF)
15.S50[J] Intro to Making
15.S59 SSIM: Scaling the Social Entrepreneurship Venture (PDF)

Course 17: Political Science

17.910 Fundamentals of Science and Technology Public Policy Making: MIT Sci/Tech Policy Bootcamp

EC: Edgerton Center

EC.074 The Start-up Experience at MIT
EC.075 Starting Up New Technology-Based Business Enterprises at MIT
D-Lab: New Economies
EC.750 Humanitarian Innovation: Design for Relief, Rebuilding, and Recovery

MAS: Media Arts and Sciences

MAS.S71[J] Future Commerce ~ Rebooting Money, Markets, Transactions & Security (6)
MAS.S72[J] Future Health ~ Reinventing care, enabling prevention, and transforming lives (6)

STS: Science, Technology, and Society

STS.012 Science in Action: Technologies and Controversies in Everyday Life
STS.081 Innovation Systems for Science, Technology, Energy, Manufacturing, and Health

(3) = 3 Units
(6) = 6 Units
(PDF) = Pass/D/Fail Only
(POI) = Permission of Instructor