An incubator to work on the most important Innovation & Entrepreneurship challenges at MIT

InnovationWORKS—an incubator for student-driven projects that innovate the MIT community. 

Student participants will:

  • Have fun getting to meet dozens of students through small group and one-on-one modules
  • Form a team, contribute your unique/technical skills, and shape a project that matters
  • Participate in engaging workshops and peer-led community building 
  • Talk directly to experts in the areas that you’re seeking to impact
  • Learn about the vast resources in MIT’s innovation and entrepreneurship (I&E) ecosystem
  • Fundamentally learn how to think like and act like an innovator


iWorks has four tracks

  • iWorks Student Leadership Team
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship (I&E) Ecosystem
  • Inclusive Innovation
  • MIT Life in a COVID World


Who should apply:

  • Students who want to learn to be innovators — but not necessarily found/join a startup (yet!)
  • Students who want to develop a project that directly impacts problems faced by other MIT students and/or the MIT community
  • Students seeking an internship with a significant degree of freedom to find teammates, bring to bear your unique/technical skills, and work on something interesting
Apply through the InnovationONE portal—log in and filter on “InnovationWORKS”.


Student Leadership Team

Students with demonstrated leadership experience who are interested in learning to run a project incubator are encouraged to apply to the Student Leadership Team that will work directly with the MIT Innovation Initiative to help run the iWorks incubator. This will be a very fun and collaborative experience, but will also be challenging and require a firm time commitment. More than raw intellect, you will need to be able to exhibit a high degree of flexibility and empathy.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship (I&E) Ecosystem: a track focused on matching problems to solutions faced by MIT students, alumni, faculty, and DLCs within the I&E ecosystem. Students in this track may work on known problem spaces such as MIT I&E data analysis/visualization, designing an innovation science journal, designing an MIT Student Innovation Council (part of MIT’s new InnovationHQ), or students may explore any number of other I&E problem spaces students propose.

Inclusive Innovation Works Fellowship: a track focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion that will provide a forum to empower MIT students from all five Schools and the College to rapidly and effectively research and define urgent diversity, equity, and inclusion problems faced by MIT students in the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem.  Inclusive Innovation Works leverages critical student input, the innovation infrastructure at MIT, and the shared desire by all to embed equity into the fabric of the MIT innovation ecosystem. Students in this track may work on problem spaces that require mapping seed funds and accelerators available specifically to women and Black, Indigenous, people of color (BIPOC), examining I&E education efforts outside of MIT that focus on BIPOC or women to understand pipelines for after graduation, building the list of BIPOC MIT innovators and entrepreneurs, and leading extensive data collection on the student experience of inclusion within the innovation ecosystem.

MIT Life in a COVID World: a track focused on MIT Life in a COVID World. The everyday but formative experiences of college life — from eating with dormmates in dining halls to late-nite PSETs study sessions, from exploring intramural sports equipment to conducting experiments with lab equipment, from developing relationships with peers and professors to developing new identities — is being disrupted. Some of these changes will be short-lived, and others may be permanent. Only those experiencing the problems — the students themselves — will be in a position to understand and evolve the new MIT Life in a COVID World.