Interview Highlights

Fiona Murray: “What I think is so striking at the moment is the way in which the entire community here at MIT, in universities, startups, large organizations around the country and frankly around the world, have really rallied to COVID-19 and this need for crisis innovation with such passion and purpose. I think it’s that: It’s the building bridges and the connecting and making sure that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, which has really been powerful.”

“… What’s so fascinating is that in this moment where we’re all very socially disconnected in some ways because we’re all sitting at home in all different living rooms and makeshift offices and what have you, in fact, we’re all feeling very connected as a community around a shared purpose. And I think that is actually both important in a very practical sense, but it’s also very important psychologically and emotionally, because we can all really start to do something around that.”

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