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Leadership Opportunity  

MIT Innovation Initiative has a unique opportunity to hire students to create the position of their dreams. At MITii, we know that a strong community bolsters innovation, and that every community needs a home. As we get closer to the opening of our new space for innovation in building E38, we need to make sure that students, our most important stakeholders, are at the center of designing that community. Therefore, we want to hear your ideas. 

We have the opportunity and resources. You have the perspective and drive for impact. Let’s work together! 

If you had full autonomy in a semester long internship (or more) to…

  • design a program or series of programs to enhance the I&E community
  • create an innovation + entrepreneurship council / club / group representing the I&E ecosystem to drive the future of innovation at MIT
  • or make history designing what happens inside MIT’s first home for innovation

… what would you do and how would you do it?


  • Any current MIT student is able to submit their idea(s). 
  • Submitted ideas should aim to strengthen the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem in a positive way. 
  • That’s it! 


  • We encourage you to submit all ideas on a rolling timeline, with a guarantee that your idea will be considered for a paid leadership opportunity if submitted by March 17, 2020. 
  • Ideas will be evaluated based on their overall impact on the I&E community. 
  • If you want to submit an idea for someone else to be hired to execute on, that’s good too! 


To be considered for a paid leadership opportunity, fill out the form below by March 17, 2020. 

Questions? Contact Lauren Tyger