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Heather Kosakowski, AA

Brain and Cognitive Sciences | Brain and Cognitive Sciences

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About Heather

Heather L. Kosakowski is a PhD in the Brain and Cognitive Sciences Department. With PhD advisors Kanwisher and Saxe, Kosakowski’s research focuses on the development of higher-level perceptual processes in the awake infant brain. Specifically, Kosakowski developed techniques to increase the quality of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) data collected from awake infants leading to the discovery of face-, body-, and scene-selective responses in the ventral visual stream of infants. Kosakowski’s research is focused testing theories of cortical function and development in the first year of life. Kosakowski had a non-traditional career path that included foster care, the Marine Corps, Community College, and being a single parent.

Venture Keywords

awake infant fMRI, bodies, faces, infant brain, infant cognition, infant music perception, infant speech perception, objects, scenes, social brain

Country of Origin

United States

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