An incubator to work on the most important Innovation & Entrepreneurship challenges at MIT

InnovationWORKS—an incubator for student-driven projects that innovate the MIT community. 

Student participants will:

  • Have fun getting to meet students through small group meetings
  • Work independently and in teams, contributing your unique skills to shape a project that matters
  • Talk directly to experts in the areas that you’re seeking to impact
  • Learn about the vast resources in MIT’s innovation and entrepreneurship (I&E) ecosystem
  • Finish your internship with tangible hands-on projects, primed for impact

Who should apply:

  • Students who want to learn to be innovators — but not necessarily found/join a startup (yet!)
  • Students who want to develop a project that directly impacts problems faced by other MIT students and/or the MIT community
  • Students seeking an internship with a significant degree of freedom to find teammates, bring to bear your unique/technical skills, and work on something interesting
Apply using the form below for the following positions


Campus Preview Weekend Tech Builder & Community OrganizerDesign and build the virtual engagement for the Innovation and Entrepreneurship showcase during Campus Preview Weekend, one of CPW’s highest attended events.  This virtual engagement must be an interactive website that hosts events and enables interaction between hundreds of prefrosh and the MIT community.  Each year we have dozens of departments and programs, student innovators, alumni ventures, MIT inventions all represented at our flagship CPW event. This website will be the front door to innovation at MIT for prefrosh. We need interns for the tech side and the community organizing side. Incoming students are increasingly more diverse as a generation and care about how they will have a positive impact on the world. How can CPW’s I&E event(s) be a reflection of that ethos? Students may also assist in designing and running the I&E Resource Roundup, a mini version of CPW open to all current students early Spring. 

Corporate Engagement Analyst: In support of its mission, MITii recently launched the Corporate Innovation Program (CIP), an annual opportunity for a cohort of global corporations to engage with MIT, and with each other, around innovation. A key feature of the program for our corporate partners is access to MIT non-degree educational and engagement opportunities such as continuing education courses, conferences and workshops.   We are seeking an analyst to identify and compile opportunities offered by MIT or MIT affiliated organizations that may be relevant to individual CIP members.Working under the guidance of CIP Director, the analyst will develop a working understanding of each member company, identify available MIT opportunities, and upload relevant data to the CIP Member website.

Corporate Knowledge Base Analyst: In support of its mission, MITii recently launched the Corporate Innovation Program (CIP), an annual opportunity for a cohort of global corporations to engage with MIT, and with each other, around innovation. We are currently developing a program growth strategy and are seeking an engaged, curious and enthusiastic student to help develop a knowledge base of potential future corporate partners.Working under the guidance of CIP Director, the analyst will research industries, sectors and individual corporations with the objective of populating the knowledge base and creating a data backbone to support CIP growth and partnership efforts.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Resources Data Analyst: Work with the data from the I&E community (departments, labs, centers, programs, student orgs) to prototype a tool that demonstrates participation in the I&E community and is usable for the greater MIT community to explore all innovation and entrepreneurship opportunities and programs. Interns may work on projects that require mapping seed funds and accelerators available specifically to women and Black, Indigenous, people of color (BIPOC), examining I&E education efforts outside of MIT that focus on BIPOC and women to understand pipelines for after graduation, building the list of BIPOC MIT innovators and entrepreneurs, and leading extensive data collection on the student demand for a new resource guide.  

Innovation HQ (iHQ) Student Activator: MIT’s new home to innovation is the iHQ — a new space with 5 floors of innovation and entrepreneurship programs and offices for the MIT community. We have an executive suite and open coworking space reserved as a “Student Venture Studio” but need intern(s) to spend this semester researching successful models, gaining student interest, and drafting a strategy with student organizations across campus and working with MITii’s iHQ operations facilitator to ensure that the iHQ is a space where undergrads are represented, welcomed, and appreciated. How can we build mechanisms for accountability that iHQ will be a welcoming space for all?