Hosted by: MIT Deshpande Center for Technological Innovation

Is your technology getting close to the commercialization stage, but you need help determining the right application or connecting with the business community? The MIT Deshpande Center for Technological Innovation may be able to help. The Center’s research innovation grant program is open to all MIT faculty with principal investigator (PI) status and provides significant benefits, beyond just funding, to its recipients in support of the commercialization of their technology. They are seeking both earlier-stage, proof-of-concept research projects with broad potential impact, and later-stage innovations that faculty inventors are eager to see brought to market and commercialized.

In addition to funding, grant recipients receive exposure through Deshpande Center events and opportunities to connect with investors, entrepreneurs, the business community, and the MIT ecosystem. The Center offers support through the Catalyst Mentor Program and collaborates with MIT’s Technology Licensing Office to provide customer contacts, business advice, market input, and IP strategy.

Types of Grants

  • Ignition Grant: For an idea that addresses a significant market need if successful, and could spin out of MIT within three years. Ignition Grants are available up to $50,000.
  • Innovation Grants: For technology that can be brought close to commercialization within a year or so with additional funding, connections, and advisory support.Innovation Grants start at $50,000. (The committee will consider proposals up to a maximum of $150,000 with strong budget justification.)


  • February 22, 2018: Pre-proposals due (submit by 5 pm EST)
  • April 2, 2018: Full proposal invitation notification
  • May 1, 2018: Full and Renewal proposals due (submit by 5 pm EST) – by invitation only
  • May 15 & 16, 2018: Full and renewal proposals Presentations – by invitation only
  • July 2018: Grant awards notification
  • September 1, 2018: Grant award start date
  • October 2018: Grant awards announced to the public

For more information and to apply, visit the Deshpande Center website.