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  • Marwan Aboudib CEO
  • Kun Qian Chairman & CTO

Using technology to bring art back to the physical space, Tekuma was founded in 2016 by MIT graduates in real estate development and architecture to transform empty walls into a gallery experience.

Through their platform, Tekuma connects emerging artists with property developers and managers to enhance their real estate with art and create a gallery amenity. As part of their service, they take care of framing and hanging the art, and each piece is available for purchase for guests interested in taking home an artwork they particularly enjoyed.

The origins of Tekuma began when Kun Qian SMArchS/MSRED ’16 and Marwan Aboudib SMArchS/MSRED ’16 were part of the same studio project during their first semester at the School of Architecture + Planning. As a way to showcase their project more broadly, Kun and Marwan began creating a series of pop-up galleries throughout the MIT campus. Their hack gained them some buzz and they even managed to sell most of the artwork through QR codes.

With funding support from the Center for Art, Science & Technology and the Council for the Arts at MIT, Tekuma was able to expand its team and operations. In 2015, they were accepted into the MIT delta v accelerator and spent the summer getting ready to launch their innovation-driven startup into the real world.

Tekuma’s Pathway


An innovative art amenity to enable tenants to experience a rotating gallery in a property.

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