The BU/MIT Student Innovations Law Clinic (SILC) offers free and confidential legal support to MIT and BU students who need help with legal matters related to their research, advocacy, and creative projects. Run by BU Law students under faculty supervision, SILC operates in three main areas: Intellectual Property & Media, Privacy, Security & Health, and Venture & Finance. Throughout the year, SILC assists clients with various legal issues such as intellectual property rights, information privacy, corporate law, cybersecurity, finance and business regulations, and media law.

SILC represents the latest collaboration between BU Law and MIT, which began in 2015 with the establishment of the BU/MIT Entrepreneurship, Intellectual Property & Cyberlaw Program. This partnership initially included the Technology Law Clinic and the Startup Law Clinic. In 2023, these two clinics merged to form a comprehensive legal program, now known as SILC.