The Deshpande Center empowers some of MIT’s most talented researchers to make a difference in the world by developing innovative technologies in the lab and bringing them to the marketplace in the form of breakthrough products and new companies. In turn, those innovations can help solve large and daunting problems in health, information technology, energy and other fields.

Programs & Opportunities

  • Grants: The Deshpande Center awards two types of grants — Ignition grants and Innovation grants — based primarily on the stage of an MIT investigator’s research.
  • Evaluating Market Opportunities: The Deshpande Center helps grantees avoid common pitfalls by giving them the skills, guidance, and confidence to evaluate potential markets, choose the best opportunity, and shepherd their innovations from the lab to the marketplace.
  • Annual Symposium: The IdeaStream symposium gathers together the leading minds in innovation and entrepreneurship for an invitation-only event each spring.