The E14 Fund was born at the MIT Media Lab to build and support the MIT and Media Lab startup communities. E14 Fund hosts events programs such as its flagship IAP activity (Beyond the Lab), which provides investment fellowships and has running office hours for the community. E14 Fund also invests in MIT-connected deep-tech startups and donates a portion of profits to MIT.
Whether you’re a researcher considering the real-world translation of your work, an alumnus who’s thinking about a new idea, or a startup looking to connect with industry leaders who might have valuable feedback, become a partner, or a customer, E14 Fund is here to help. Brainstorming, spitballing, looking for connections and resources within or outside of MIT — if you have a past or current MIT  affiliation, it’s never too early to talk with E14 Fund, and no request is too small.
E14 Fund has backed more than 100 MIT companies.