Design and build prototypes, learn new skills, explore madcap ideas, and get advice and encouragement — the Edgerton Center is the place where mind and hand come together.

Programs & Opportunities

  • Academics: The Edgerton Center offers a wide range of subjects for MIT students.
  • Clubs and Teams: The Edgerton Center’s clubs and teams program supports students with the resources, expertise, and encouragement to take on all manner of engineering challenges for fun and for competition around the world.
  • High-Speed Imaging: The center carries on the legacy of Doc Edgerton’s research and teaching by providing the Institute with a continuing expertise in high-speed and scientific imaging.
  • K–12: The Edgerton Center’s hands-on science and engineering challenges educate and inspire kindergarten through 12th-grade students, aiming to increase their curiosity and desire to pursue these fields in their future.
  • Student Shops: The Edgerton Center provides machine-shop training for MIT students in the Edgerton Student Shop. The Center also operates the Area 51 CNC Shop, a robust fabrication facility. The Student Project Lab (4-409) is now a MakerLodge, a Project Manus initiative providing students with the tools and instruction of a maker space.