The MIT Water Club is the premier network for water-related innovation at MIT. The mission is to connect and inspire passionate individuals to explore ways by which cutting-edge research, innovation, and policy across sectors can help solve the most pressing challenges in the water sector. The MIT Water Club hosts a number of conferences, competitions, guest lectures, and social events, including our three annual flagship events: the MIT Water Summit, the MIT Water Innovation Prize, and MIT Water Night.

MIT Water Summit
The MIT Water Summit brings together leaders from industry, government, and the scientific community to discuss the greatest challenges and opportunities in the water sector. Occurring just two weeks before the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris, the theme of the 2015 Summit was “Thriving with Change”. The changing climate will challenge the existing framework in which all water resource management has existed for generations. Within these developments, the 2015 MIT Water Summit posed the following questions:

  • How can we better understand and cope with the water challenges we face?
  • How can innovation in technology, research, and policy build a more resilient water system?
  • With a greater understanding of the challenges and new tools available, how can we navigate organizational and geopolitical systems to build a more resilient world?

MIT Water Innovation Prize
The MIT Water Innovation Prize (WIP) is a solutions-to-market competition aimed at supporting the next breakthrough in the water sector. The objectives are to establish a platform fostering water innovation within MIT and the surrounding community, contribute to student and team learning, and support the commercialization of breakthrough, scalable water technologies and processes across a range of domestic and global sectors. Winners from the inaugrual 2015 WIP have gone on to compete in larger competitions and been in the media: WellDone was named to “30 under 30 for Energy” and AquaFresco was featured in The Atlantic. In 2015, winners collected Innovation Grants totalling $20K, thanks to sponsorship from PepsiCo. In 2016, teams will have the opportunity to win a total of $30K, thanks to PepsiCo and the new “Veraqua Prize” for demonstratable technologies that focus on the challenges facing water in China.

MIT Water Night
The MIT Water Night is a research showcase that provides an energizing platform for individuals and research groups to present their latest achievements and work in water-related fields. In March 2016, the fourth annual MIT Water Night filled MIT’s Walker Memorial with over 200 attendees. Prizes were awarded for the best posters in five categories: Desalination & Water Treatment; Earth & Oceans; Teaching in Water, Management, & Human Development; Water Chemistry & Nanotechnology; Water Policy.