The TLO’s mission is to move innovations and discoveries from the lab to the marketplace for the benefit of the public and to amplify MIT’s global impact.


MIT and the Industry
The TLO connects the industry to the technologies developed at MIT, and grants licenses for patented and copyrighted inventions to startup and existing companies that demonstrate the technical and financial capabilities to develop the early-stage technologies into commercially successful products. The TLO maintains a list of MIT technologies that are available for licensing.

MIT Technology Disclosures and IP Protection
MIT faculty, staff or students should disclose an invention to the TLO if they believe their research could be commercialized for public use and benefit.

Resources for Entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurs interested in creating a startup based on technologies invented and owned by MIT can work with the TLO to find out more about licensing to Startups.

Use of MIT’s Name and Trademark
The TLO is responsible for coordinating, reviewing, and approving MIT’s Use of Name  and Trademark requests. Massachusetts Institute of Technology and MIT are registered trademarks of the Institute.