Internship Resources

MIT students find internships through many sources. Startups looking to work with MIT students may find these resources helpful.

Career Development Offices

GECD Career Services

Looking to hire MIT students? Start by reviewing our For Employers site for helpful information, resources, recruiting policies and more to develop a successful recruiting strategy. Next, you’ll need a CareerBridge account. CareerBridge is an online career management system enabling employers to search and view student resumes, post jobs and internships, participate in career events, manage on-campus recruiting schedules and report MIT hires.


MIT Sloan Career Development Office (CDO)

Whether you want to post a job, schedule an interview, or access resume databases, the Career Development Office is ready to help you recruit your best talent from MIT Sloan.

Call (617) 253-6149 to discuss your recruiting strategy.

Internship Programs

Alumni Association Externship Program

Participating in the Student/Alumni Externship Program connects current students with alumni in their workplaces around the world during MIT’s Independent Activities Period (IAP) in January. These short-term opportunities with long-term benefits are offered in a wide variety of fields. Students may collaborate on research, laboratory work, data analysis, software development, or other projects that will provide a learning opportunity while meeting a workplace need.


Entrepreneurship Internship (ESHIP)

The Entrepreneurship Internship is a 10-week paid internship program designed for MIT students who want to try the experience of working at a startup full time. During the 10 weeks, students will gain an understanding of how an early-stage startup functions. Students will be assigned to projects based on their skill set and the startup’s business strategy. Students will experience true action learning by having an opportunity to immerse themselves in startup life, working side-by-side with the team, and collaborating with a mentor. The internship program is not for credit; participants will receive a weekly stipend.


MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives (MISTI)

MIT students actively learn how to solve challenging problems through a combination of making, building, experimenting and scaling. As MIT’s international education program, MISTI encourages students to take their knowledge abroad and connect with top international partners. Through MISTI’s tailored internship, research and teaching experiences, students and hosts can contribute to innovative solutions together.

Each year nearly 1,000 MIT students are matched with hands-on projects abroad through MISTI. We strive to work with enthusiastic partners who share MIT’s passion for creating a better world.

Contact: MISTI

Undergraduate Practice Opportunities Program (UPOP)

UPOP has a well-earned reputation as a “career success accelerator.” UPOP is a yearlong professional development program that prepares sophomores—regardless of major—to thrive in their careers. UPOP is separate from the MIT Career Development Center, and is not a job placement service for students. They do, however, work closely with thousands of hiring managers to ensure that the internships posted to the UPOP network will meet students’ career objectives.

Contact: Amy Bass

Other Ways to Engage

Action Learning Labs

Action Learning teams work on the most pressing and critical problems that host companies are facing—and they work very hard to fix them. Over the past decade, MIT Sloan Action Learning teams have worked on more than 400 projects in 48 countries. While the specific companies and countries may differ, one common thread runs across all Action Learning teams—they get results that companies use to fix their problems and prepare their businesses for future challenges.

The passion and purpose with which student teams approach their company projects have impressed managers and executives across the globe—and often result in companies becoming repeat customers. For optimal project results, host companies should plan for their CEO and other senior managers to be available to devote focused time and energy on the project with the team, especially when the team is on site.

Contact: Action Learning Lab Staff

Disciplined Entrepreneurship Program

Members of the Sloan E&I Club work on for-credit projects with startups over IAP.

Contact: Alexandra Qi

Startup Exchange (STEX)

MIT Startup Exchange is a web community for the MIT innovation ecosystem, particularly MIT ILP’s members, MIT-connected startups and all MIT employees or alumni who have active startup engagements.



VentureShips was established to spread the entrepreneurial spirit at MIT through first-hand experiences. Since its inception in 2004, the club has successfully matched students with startup companies. Eager and motivated students work as volunteers on the business problems that you have in order to get information that you need. These students are not only a valuable resource, but are also a way for you to give back to the entrepreneur community. We are seeking companies that are willing to meet regularly with student groups and act as mentors by sharing the experiences and lessons of successful entrepreneurs.