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Caroline Werlang, BS

Biological Engineering | Chemical Engineering, Microbiology
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About Caroline

I am a (soon to graduate) Ph.D. candidate, Siebel Scholar, and NSF Graduate Research Fellow in the Department of Biological Engineering at MIT. In Katharina Ribbeck's lab, I study how unique molecules in mucus can be leveraged as antivirulence therapeutics to fight infections while circumventing antibiotic resistance. I am experienced in microbiology, glycobiology, synthetic biology, and protein engineering.I am broadly interested in understanding the mechanisms of environment- and community-dependent bacterial interactions to promote human health and sustainability.Before coming to MIT, I earned my B.S. in Chemical Engineering at Caltech and spent a year in Switzerland as a Fulbright Fellow at EPFL.

STEM Keywords

anti-microbials, biochemistry, bioengineering, biopolymers, engineering education, glycobiology, host-microbe interactions, microbial ecology, microbiology, microbiome, microfluidics

Venture Keywords

host-microbe interactions

Country of Origin

United States

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Siebel Scholarship

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Fulbright Fellowship