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Derfogail Delcassian, MS, PhD

School of Engineering>Biological Engineering | Biological Engineering, Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology
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About Derfogail

Dr. Derfogail Delcassian is a Marie Curie Fellow based at the University of Nottingham, Harvard Medical School and MIT. Her research designs biomaterials that control the immune system (immunoengineering). Dr. Delcassian uses 3D printed lymph nodes to understand immune cell behavior in cancer. She is also developing genetic vaccines to prevent rejection after organ transplantation.Alongside her research, Dr. Delcassian is passionate about helping new therapies reach patients. She founded an organization to accelerate the safe translation of research from the bench to patients, working with entrepreneurs, government officials and researchers. In her spare time, she is usually found adventuring outdoors on expeditions around the world.

STEM Keywords

3d printing, bioengineering, biology and space, biomaterials, cancer, cell therapy, gene and drug delivery, immunoengineering

Venture Keywords

biohacking, biohacking community and education, citizen science, Entrepreneurship, science policy, Translational Research

Country of Origin

United Kingdom

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Co-founder of ATREUM

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Science in Parliament

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