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Dorsa Parviz, MS, PhD

Chemical Engineering | Chemical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering
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About Dorsa

Dorsa Parviz is a postdoc of Chemical Engineering. Her research focuses on developing bio-inorganic carbon fixing materials and establishing high-throughput photocatalytic reaction screening systems using a wide variety of nanomaterials. She has led the research on the preparation and characterization of biocompatible 2D nanomaterials with tailored properties for nanotoxicity studies at NIEHS Nanosafety Center. During her Ph.D., she pioneered techniques for high-yield production of 2D nanomaterials, investigated their colloidal interactions and assembly, and designed polymer composites and 3D networks for structural and electrode applications. She is interested in the philosophy of technology and its impact on STEM education.

STEM Keywords

bio-hybrid materials, carbon capture technologies, engineering/medicine collaborations, nanotechnology, self-assembly, surface science, two-dimensional materials

Venture Keywords

bio-hybrid materials, carbon capture technologies, energy sustainability, renewable energy, science policy, Women in STEM

Dorsa's Innovation Activities

Patent Activity

16/591,596, 63/094,865

Other Innovation Activity

Co-director of Technology Strategy at Nucleate Eco