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Hao-Wei Pang, BS

Chemical Engineering | Chemical Engineering, Computational Science and Engineering
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About Hao-Wei

Hao-Wei grew up in Taipei, and lived there until coming to MIT. During high school, she developed a general passion for chemistry and energy engineering. She continued her interest in the department of Chemical Engineering at National Taiwan University, where she received a B.S. in 2018. During her time at NTU, she participated in intensive training of Electro-Optical Materials Laboratory to equip herself with research experience and analytical skills. With Prof. Kou-Chuan Ho, she developed research regarding the electrospun imidazolium-functionalized-PVDF-HFP applied in dye-sensitized solar cells. Her undergraduate experience clearly showed her the role of chemical and energy engineering at a global scale, and further strengthened her commitment to research in the field. She enrolled in the PhD program in Chemical Engineering at MIT in 2018. As a member in Prof. Green’s lab, she works on a project about polymer fouling problems in ethylene crackers. In her spare time, she loves to cook, illustrate (mainly with graphic tablets), and watch movies.

STEM Keywords

automated chemical mechanism generation, computational chemistry, computational modeling, numerical modeling

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