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Nadia Khan, MS

Institute for Data, Systems, and Society (IDSS) | Aeronautics and Astronautics, Technology and Policy Program
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About Nadia

Nadia Khan is a first year graduate student on the Technology Policy Program at the Institute for Data Systems and Society at MIT. She has an eclectic background. She has a BA in International Relations, where she focused on space policy for her undergraduate thesis. Nadia was an Aziz Foundation Scholar at University College London's Space Science and Climate Physics department where she completed an MSc in Space, Risk and Disaster Reduction. Nadia is interested in exploring ethical issues arising from space exploration. She is a graduate researcher at the MIT Media Lab's Space Exploration Initiative. She also works at the Engineering Systems Lab under the supervision of Professor Olivier de Weck, on the NASA funded ASTRA project.

STEM Keywords

aerospace, aerospace engineering, new space, science policy, scientific policy, space exploration, space mission design, space policy, technology and policy, women in aerospace

Venture Keywords

active learning, mental health

Country of Origin

United Kingdom

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The Delicate Mind C.I.C