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Yayuan Liu, PhD

School of Engineering>Chemical Engineering | Chemical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering | PhD
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About Yayuan

Yayuan obtained her PhD in Materials Science and Engineering working with professor Yi Cui at Stanford University (January 2019). Her PhD research, supported by Stanford Graduate Fellowship, was at the interface of electrochemistry, nanomaterials and materials characterization techniques, in particular, the materials design and fundamental understandings of next-generation battery chemistries and electrocatalysis. She is currently a postdoc working with professor T. Alan Hatton in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. As a postdoc, she hopes to utilize her electrochemistry and materials science training to explore electrochemically mediated carbon capture technologies.

STEM Keywords

carbon capture technologies, electrochemistry, energy storage, materials characterization, water treatment methods

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Yayuan Awards

ACS Division of Inorganic Chemistry Young Investigator Award

MRS Graduate Student Gold Award

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