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  • Jeon Woong Kang CTO & Co-Founder
  • T. Anthony Anderson Medical Advisor &
  • Peter T. C. So MIT Professor of ME/BE & Co-Founder
  • Ramachandra R. Dasari MIT Principal Research Scientist & Co-Founder
  • Cheryl Campbell Strategy Consultant & Co-Founder

Medisight was founded by MIT researchers and Massachusetts General Hospital doctors to bring groundbreaking spectroscopy research into the clinical setting.

Born out of MIT’s Laser Biomedical Research Center, headed by Peter T.C. So, PhD and Ramachandra R. Dasari, PhD, Medisight developed an optical sensor that uses multi-modal spectroscopy to identify tissues and organs near the tip of procedural needles and instruments in order to increase accuracy and decrease complication rates. This technology has previously been shown to aid with the diagnosis of breast, colon, prostate, oral, skin, and cervical cancers as well as atherosclerosis.

Jeon Woong Kang, PhD and T. Anthony Anderson, PhD, MD soon joined as co-founders and as research scientist and medical advisor, respectively. The team entered the MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition and added Cheryl Campbell, JD, MBA as co-founder and strategy consultant.

As a research scientist, Jeon Woong was eligible to apply for the Translational Fellows Program, which introduced the team to other MIT resources. In 2016, Medisight received support from the National Science Foundation in the form of a Small Business Technology Transfer program grant.

Medisight’s Pathway


Founded by MIT researchers and MGH doctors to bring groundbreaking spectroscopy research into the clinical setting.

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